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What are Amino Acids?
Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins
  • Amino Acids are molecules containing an amine group(NH₂) and a carboxylic acid group(COOH)
  • Proteins play a vital role in life as fundamental components of our bodies, including muscles, tissues, hormones, bones, and also as sources of energy. Thus, amino acids are the essence of life
  • More than 700 amino acids have been discovered and are used for a variety of applications in many industries.
Amino Acid Chirality

Amino acids are classified into L/D forms based on their chirality, with L-form amino acids being exclusively synthesized within the human body.
The production of pure amino acids on a large scale poses a significant challenge to the industry, primarily due to the complexity and high cost associated with extraction. Within the amino acids industry, the extraction of specific chiral compounds is of utmost importance.

Amino Acid Category
Naturally Found in Protein
  • Natural
  • Unnatural
20 kinds are known to exist
More than 700 kinds are known exist
Production in Body
  • Essential
  • Non essential
Position of NH₂ and COOH
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma Amino Acids