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CEO Message
Welcome to AminoLogics.

AminoLogics has been actively developing a wide range of amino-acid-based raw material through its chiral resolution platform technology, called ARCA, which was developed in 2009.

As a specialty amino acid provider, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, we have constantly strived to develop value-added advanced raw materials in commercial scale with our focus innovation, creativity and technological advances.

Trials made upon a simple question of "how can we utilize our existing materials to enhance our life?" are very much valuable. Challenges made upon a question of "how can we create something new?" would result in hard works filled with skepticism and frustration; however, if such challenges succeed in creating something new, they would bring immeasurable effects across all sectors, which evidences are found in our history.

This determination for creating something new through technological advance is very much a part of the DNA and character of our company. Although a lot of hard works remain ahead, we are confident that such innovative technologies would not only bring economic profit but also contribute to improve our quality of life. And this is the responsibility and role that we believe we should bare as a “first mover.”

On behalf of all of our AminoLogics management, we are determined to drive our business forward to the benefit of all of our shareholders. We are committed to accomplish growing profitability in the years to come and to generate value for all of our shareholders, customers and employees.

We look forward to your continuing support as we grew as a pioneer in advanced raw material supplier and build new area of industry through diligence and perseverance in research and development.

AminoLogics CEO J. S. Oh, S. S. Oh