Privacy Policy


Aminologics Co., Ltd. considers the protection of personal information of customers important and makes the best effort to protect personal information of customers.

This Policy may be, from time to time, revised according to amendment to the government’s laws or guidelines, etc. For the continuous improvement of the Policy, Aminologics Co., Ltd. has established necessary procedures. In the event of revisions or changes to this Policy, Aminologics Co., Ltd. notifies such changes of the Policy by posting it on the first page of the Homepage. Users are requested to check for such revisions or changes when visiting the Aminologics Co., Ltd. website.

This Policy contains the following:

1. Consent to collection of personal information;
2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information;
3. Personal information items collected;
4. Period of possession and use of personal information;
5. Use of the collected personal information and provision of such information to a third party;
6. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information;
7. Method of notification or notice of the Policy;
8. Measure for protection of personal information;
9. Matters concerning installation, operation and refusal of automatic personal information collection device;
10. Rights and obligations of users;
11. Collection of opinion and complaint handling;
12. Supervisor and person responsible for protection of personal information;

1. Consent to Collection of Personal Information
Aminologics Co., Ltd. arranges the procedure whereby users may click an ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ button with respect to the contents of this Policy or the Terms and Conditions of service of Aminologics Co., Ltd.. If a user clicks an ‘agree’ button, he/she is deemed to have agreed to collection of personal information.

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
"Personal information” means an information concerning a living person by which the person may be identified based on his/her name, the date of birth, etc. contained in the information. The purposes of collection and use of personal information of users of Aminologics Co., Ltd. are handling email inquiries

3. Personal Information Items Collected
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. collects only the information required for providing basic services. It obtains consent from users when collecting information for providing service that meet each user’s preference and needs. Even when a user fails to provide optional information, there are no restrictions on his/her use of service.

B. Aminologics Co., Ltd. does not collect any sensitive personal information that may infringe the basic human right of users (i.e., race, nationality, ideology, creed, place of birth, place of family register, political tendency, criminal records, health condition, sexual life, etc.). Under any circumstances, the Company does not use or disclose to a third party the information input by users for any purpose other than those declared in advance to users.

C. Aminologics Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information as follows: Name, affiliation, contact information, email address

4. Period of Possession and Use of Personal Information
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall maintain and use the user’s personal information for the period which was notified by Aminologics Co., Ltd. and agreed by the customer. Personal information of users of Aminologics Co., Ltd. is destroyed after achieving purpose of collection and use, expiration of period for saving, or withdrawal of user’s consent.

B. In the event any user requests to inspect the transaction information in possession of Aminologics Co., Ltd. with consent of the user, Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall immediately take necessary measures for the user to inspect such information

5. Use of the Collected Personal Information and Provision of such Information to a Third Party
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall use the personal information of users within the scope notified in”Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information” under the Policy and shall neither use the same in excess of such scope, nor provide it for other persons, companies or institutions. However, requests made with consent of the customer and requests made in accordance to procedures set by the law shall be excepted. In such case, personal information may be used and provided with due care:

B. Consent to Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
- When provision of personal information to a Third Party occurs, Aminologics Co., Ltd. takes measures to notify the user and seek their consent at the time required.

6. Procedure and Method of Destruction of Personal Information
A. When the purpose of use of personal information collected is achieved, Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall immediately destroy the relevant information in accordance with the possession period and the use period. The procedure, method and time of destruction shall be as follows:
- Procedure and Time of Destruction:
Personal information shall be deleted or destroyed after lapse of the period, which is prescribed for the protection of information under Aminologics Co., Ltd.’s internal policy and other applicable laws, after the purpose of use of personal information is achieved, such as termination of services.
- Method of Destruction
Personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed by shredding, incineration or dissolution by chemicals. Personal information stored in an electronic file form shall be deleted by technical method which makes it impossible to restore or reproduce

7. Method of Notification or Notice of the Policy
A. When Aminologics Co., Ltd. seeks to obtain additional consent from a user for the use of or provision to a third party of his/her personal information beyond the consented scope, Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall notify the user of the relevant matter in advance in writing, by e-mail etc.

8. Measure for Protection of Personal Information
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. prepares procedures for accessing and managing user’s personal information and requires its employees to fully understand and comply with such procedures. It regular in-house and external training to the employees who handle personal information for adopting new security technologies and complying with personal information protection obligations.

9. Matters Concerning Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection Device
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. may install and use cookie, which contain user’s information and can be searched through its Internet service. Cookie means a string information which the web server sends to web browser for storing and is sent back to the server at the time of additional request from the server. If a user accesses Aminologics Co., Ltd.’s web site, Aminologics Co., Ltd. may read the contents of cookie existing in the user’s browser, search additional information and use such information to provide services without additional input of name, etc.

B. The user information collected by Aminologics Co., Ltd. through cookie may be used for the following purposes:
(1) Provision of customized information according to the area of personal interests;
(2) Provision of customized service for a user on the visit by tracking the traces of the contents which the user viewed with interest;
(3) Analyze users’ habits as a measure of reorganization of services, etc.

10. Rights and Obligations of Users
A. Users should exercise caution to enter and maintain the most up-to-date personal information. Users shall be liable for any accident arising from any inaccurate information indicated by him/her.

B. Users have the right to have his/her personal information be protected as well as the obligation to protect himself/herself, and not to infringe information of others. If a user fails to fulfill such responsibilities and damages information of others, he/she may be punished under the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

11. Collection of Opinion and Complaint Handling
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. values opinion of users and users have the right to hear sincere answer on their questions at any time.

B. Aminologics Co., Ltd. operates a consultation channels such as Customer Center for smooth communication with users. If a user has any question, he/she may contact any of the following and hear sincere answer at any time:
(1) Customer center relating to personal information
- Team responsible for management of personal information: Management Administration
- Telephone number: +82.2.761.4570
- Facsimile number: +82.2.553.4573
- E-mail:

C. In the event a user requires consultation regarding infringement of personal information, he/she may contact the Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center under the Korea Internet Security Agency or the Cyber Terror Response Center under the National Police Agency.
(1) Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center
Telephone number: (No area code) 118
(2) Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
Telephone number: (No area code) 1833-6972
(3) Supreme Prosecutors' Office, Cybercrime Investigation Division
Telephone number: (No area code) 1301 URL:
(4) Cyber Terror Response Center under the National Police Agency
Telephone number: (No area code) 182

12. Supervisor and Person responsible for Management of Personal Information
A. Aminologics Co., Ltd. considers user’s personal information to be very valuable and makes best efforts to prevent any damage, infringement or leakage of user’s personal information. However, Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall have no liability for any damage to information due to unexpected accident arising from the basic risk of network such as hacking (despite the technical countermeasures undertaken by Aminologics Co., Ltd.) and for any dispute arising from posts written by visitors.

B. The Customer Center makes the best efforts to answer users’ questions regarding protection of personal information promptly and sincerely. In addition, when a user seeks to contact Aminologics Co., Ltd.’s person in charge of protection of personal information, he/she is requested to contact any of the following persons using the contact information or email address below. Aminologics Co., Ltd. shall answer the questions concerning personal information promptly and sincerely:
- Team responsible for management of personal information: Management Administration
- Telephone number: +82.2.761.4570
- Facsimile number: +82.2.553.4573
- E-mail: